the sharing place

We Find Joy in Each Other (Chloe - age 11)

      This is The Sharing Place,
      a free cyberplace community center !

We share ourselves and our growing love.

      We speak of unity, meditation, drumming and dancing,
      the ecstasy and pain experienced with psychedelics.

How we heal our bodies and prevent dis-ease.
The teachers we've had, books, music, human.

      Our paths and no-paths, the twists and turns
      as we get reborn and die over and over again.

We share the simple and the extraordinary,
an adventure, a trip, a poem, a sorrow or a joy.

      Enormous possibilities: what our truths are.
      Reach out a cyber hand to the confused or physically ill,
      scared of change or lonely.

We all need help sometimes.

      We find joy in each other, Chloe said.

Introduce yourself.
This is a safe and loving place.


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