Remembering Elizabeth Gips

Steve Andrews aka the Bard of Ely remembers Elizabeth

I fondly remember my first contact with Elizabeth was when she wrote to me after finding my address in the Fellowship of Isis members list. This must have been some 10 years back and we have been corresponding by e-mail and snail ever since. Elizabeth has very kindly played my music on her show as well. I was impressed from the start by her positivity and openess of heart, her vision of life and the way she could stay true to her ideals in a world that can be so very tough.

She sent me her brilliant book 'Scrapbook of a Haight Ashbury Pilgrim' years back and just last year, I was able to send her my first book 'Herbs of the Northern Shaman a Guide to the Mind-altering Plants of the Northern Hemisphere' published by Loompanics Unlimited. In the chapter on peyote I quoted Elizabeth talking about a trip on this sacred cactus and I know she was very glad to be in my book and how it had all turned out. She will be in the follow up too.

I have very many friends who knew Elizabeth in some way and this is one way I would always think of her: as a true friend to so many people from all walks of life.

Elizabeth, for me was and still is, an amazing lady, a freedom loving spirit and a true pioneer. An inspiration to so many and a shining light of positive energy. May, Elizabeth's light continue to shine with all its radiance wherever her new journey takes her!

Steve Andrews

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