Remembering Elizabeth Gips

As I sit here tears in my eyes reading the loving thoughts about dear Elizabeth from her friends, I am prompted to add my own memories of Elizabeth.

I have know her for almost 30 years. Maybe only 25 or so, but, at 62 who's counting? She was a sister, friend, mentor, spiritual pal. Once as she put it, " I just disappeared at a Rainbow Gathering," well, I disappeared to Canada to join the Hare Krishnas What a trip that was.

When I became disillusioned she baled me out sending me $$$ to leave Canada and getting her friend Ashok to come and spring me. She figured that as a "real" Hindu, the people in charge wouldn't interfere with my leaving the ashram. How right she was. She had arranged a ride too, all the way back to Santa Cruz with another friend. I wondered then if I could ever thank her properly. I don't know if I did it right, but our friendship endured and I am forever grateful to her and her remarkable gift of LOVE. Going to see Lama Yeshe in the early 70's at UCSC we' d walk up to campus laughing and looking at flowers with Puppy at our sides. It was the closest thing to perfect I had ever known. As my life progressed, Elizabeth met Paddy. She once told me he was the glue. She also said we can only do our best. I think she always tried to do hers. When she and George did the logo for Changes, I used to go up on Sunday's to the radio station at UCSC and hang out while they did the show together. When George left Santa Cruz for SF, I did too. He taught school and I went back to school. She was always there with good advice. When I got married at the ripe old age of 42, she was there to shine on my wedding day. She said stop at the third one. I did.

I am so glad I saw her last week. It was a good closure. I am so happy she is on her way to an incarnation full of all the joys onthe physical physical plane, or in the God realms,. somewhere.

A chance to put into practice all that she believed, that is love compassion and wisdom.


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