Remembering Elizabeth Gips

When I first met her in the mid 70s I thought she was a far out, really weird lady. Man, this one is eccentric I thought. We were all in Los Gatos at the time so we would always find out the news of what everyone was doing. I would walk over to Jeremy and Laura's house, hang out a bit and maybe talk to her for awhile.She would talk of her grand plans, her visions and her compassion.

Later, when we both were volunteering for KKUP we would often talk on the phone (we were fans of each other's shows) and share some news and philosophies. When I decided to get re-married in 1996, Robin and I thought of Elizabeth first as the one who would join us. It was a very special thing and brought me closer than I had been to Elizabeth. I'll never forget the Psychedelic Grandma, she was/is something incredible to me. Lots of love to Paddy too,

Don Campau
5 June 2001

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