Remembering Elizabeth Gips

I was mowing my lawn earlier this week, and I heard Elizabethís crusty old singing voice singing the Beatlesí song "Across the Universe": "Jai Guru Deva Om/Nothingís gonna change my world/Nothingís gonna change my world." Then I heard her singing again, this time from the song "Paper Moon": "Itís a Barnum and Bailey world/Just as phony as it can be/But it wouldnít be make believe/If youíd believe in me." Iíll carry that voice with me for the rest of my life, Iím sure. The thought makes my eyes well up with tears. I loved that old lady. Didnít she have wonderful wrinkles? She got those wrinkles from smiling a lot. Paddy and Jeremy, my thoughts are with you.

Benjamin Israel

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