Dear person who has wandered in here from the cosmos, PLEASE be aware that the following meditation has not got a seal of approval from any religion.  I don't claim scholarship, but I promise you that this is an honest and poetic description of my experience of The Great Snake, the goddess Kundalini, life force and creator. Many days she sits around my neck in golden splendor carrying a precious citrine egg of knowledge in her mouth.  ALL HONOR TO HER!
         There is a wonder and a beauty to the rivers of energy that flow around the world, through the atmosphere and in our bodies. We cannot see it.  but in ancient times we recognized and utilized the energy rivers to enhance our lives.
            In ancient South American cultures paved roads ran along sacred lines threading from seacoasts to cities high in the Andes. In England the energy paths are known as ley lines.  In China as in the West, geomancers inserted spikes or wands into earth and by a sort of giant acupuncture treatment.  Infertile areas bloomed and sick animals got well.

            Rivers of energy flow in our homes, our stores, our offices; they create whirlpools or eddies that shape the texture of our lives. The Chinese art of Feng Shui is an ancient study based on Taoist understanding of how the vibrations of interiors affect our daily fortunes.  This great animating force  is worshipped as God or Goddess. It is called the Tao, chi, prana. It animates our earth, gives life to our human physical system. Acupuncture is based on it.

    In ancient India, the energy flow of the body is called the chakra system. The chakras are are spinning wheels of energy that grow more and more complex as they rise from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They vibrate at higher and higher speeds until the human spirit, bursting from the confines of the body through the sutures at the top of the skull, achieves a state of permanent enlightenment.
    The symbol of the medical staff or caduceus, two snakes coiled around a staff, is a graphical representation of the flow of energy up and around the spinal column. It shows  how energy rises through our bodies like two snakes on either side of the spine. These snakes of knowledge, snakes of bliss and fulfillment, are the Ida and Pingali which channel energy through our psychic bodies. Spiritual practices such as concentration, meditation, yoga, breathing, and/or psychedelics help Kundalini to rise through these two channels which cross over the spine in an ascending spiral, much like the Double Helix of the D.N.A. code. Together they form a series of infinity signs that rise from the genitals to the top of the skull. (or descend down!)  Where they cross, the accelerating energy creates "wheels" in constant movement. These chakras or wheels correspond to plexes and organs in the physical body - the genitals, solar plexus, heart, pineal gland and so on.
      This two part meditation is a journey through your chakras. Remember, as you travel up the spiritual centers of yourself, you are joining hundreds of thousands of other humans. For millennia in every part of our world people have used meditation, fasting, music, celebration and sacramental substances from kava kava to sacred mushrooms to raise their consciousness. Their combined energy meets with yours to transform and elevate your awareness. >From the banks of the Ganges, the foothills of the Himalayas, from Greece, Egypt, Africa, China and Tibet the spirits of yogis and yoginis of all times unite with your spirit to help it in the alchemy of growth.
    The sexual organs in our physical body correspond to the sexual chakra, the creative energy of the earth. It is colored red in honor of women's menstrual blood which signifies the waxing of creation, the outward breath of Brahma, the universe of manifestation. There are those who believe that the Holy Grail itself is filled with menstrual blood tying together the worlds of Spirit and Flesh. Because it is such a powerful creative force, many religions try to control the sexual chakra .. "You can have sex but only in our prescribed way. You can't have sex; you must be celibate to become enlightened. Have sex once a week, once a month, never. Have sex only to procreate. Turn your orgasm inward and upward so the seed nourishes the spirit instead of creating a new human. Never have an orgasm. You can only have an orgasm if you are a woman/ if you are not a woman, once a month, never. "

   . Along with these many sexual "you gotta's" goes propaganda designed to create a terrible fear of everlasting hell or a permanent state of unenlightenment. It is said that Pan, the oldest God and Aphrodite, Goddess of Love in all its forms, are dead, victims of the debasement of joyous sexuality, but that we can revive them with our enjoyment of their great gift.

    Coiled in the sexual chakra is basic potency, the fundamental energy of all life. Although indescribable, even in modern physics, it has the poetic metaphor of a snake. That holy snake protects Buddha under the Bo tree. The holy snake gives the gift of wisdom, the knowledge of right and wrong which perpetually creates time, through Eve to Adam.

    The bottom chakra is the intermediary between earth and human. Through the lowest chakra, Spirit grounds itself in order to experience life in the physical plane of existence. Sperm and egg meet here creating new life. Through this chakra the baby emerges, spirit born again into the material world. The lowest chakra is responsible for giving the body life. It's earth energy helps the brain develop intelligence.  It is the implosion of the Big Bang mysteriously creating galaxies and nebulae; it is seed enigmatically pushing through earth, reaching for air, for light, towards leaf and flower.
    Like perpetual adolescents unable to handle the explosive force of sexuality, humans have denigrated it, tittered at it and given it destructive power. The Hindu "left hand" Tantric path, which is often maligned and misunderstood, is designed to open the sexual chakra with discipline, encouraging its unleashed energy to pour upward through the chakras. By dying to one's ego in sexual union, the personality is superseded as consciousness leaps to the chakra which exists over the head, above the physical body. This way out of the body is through the body in the most intimate mudra known to humans.

    Other paths, especially Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, also give meditation instructions for bringing together the separate forces of yin/yang. Besides teaching how to use overt sexual energy to reach a state of cosmic awareness, most Vajrayana practices have to do with the unification of male/female which exists inside each one of us as individuals. With their deep knowledge of the forces of cosmic energy, the Tibetans have learned how to transcend duality and still live within it.


Whichever path you follow, be conscious that the energy of the lower chakra is extremely potent, important and creative. Give it homage. Understand its beauty. Learn to use it with passion, but wisely.


The second chakra is the color orange. The Chinese call it the Hara and say that it lies about four fingers below the belly button. It integrates and feeds the rest of the systems, taking the pure energy of the sexual chakra and funneling it throughout the body. Orange is warmth. It is liquid sunshine, the radiance of fall chrysanthemums. The Second chakra sends primal energy channeling up the chakras. The spiral of evolution descends from heaven to earth and ascends from earth to Heaven in a DNA spiral. The second chakra is a ringmaster; it assigns roles.  It  is a gyroscope within the abdomen, keeping us balanced.

In its center, which is the center of an infinity sign , our entire potential is contained. Breathe into it. Move from it. Honor its healing force.

        Born of the sun, radiant with energy, center of our system, the solar plexus is the color yellow. It is the teacher of the esoteric knowledge that each of us is a unique center connected eternally with golden rays to all other centers. When this chakra is disturbed by doubt and fear, it contracts, and we may become physically ill. It is meant to open like a sunflower, like the sun itself, so that the bundle of nerves which are gathered here can inform and be informed by the will, becoming its partner. The color yellow from the solar plexus is the golden light that shines beyond and through all creation. "Called the fire of the adrenals, it is the center of will power" that stems from each one of us, manifesting on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.
    Visualized and directed by conscious awareness, the light that it generates will shine through your body, spiraling forever in all directions and giving energy to every part of your system. Its radiance creates positive change. Your enthusiasm will open you up to accepting and giving an enhanced and non-grasping love. With this love, anxiety lessens; the less anxiety manifests, the more effective your action, and the more loving you become.

Breathing into and from your solar plexus helps you to conquer fear and anger. Honor the light that radiates from your center.

The heart chakra is iridescent, luminescent, emerald, the incredibly exquisite green of the Egyptian scarab beetle.
 Illuminated by the brilliant gold of the solar plexus, it opens to love. We feel it as the color of spring and of new birth. The heart is a Mobius strip turning on itself, returning lead for gold, carbon dioxide for oxygen. It opens us to realms of compassion, the point where the spiritual path looks out from Mount Meru and sees the blossoming of life/death, the order and the chaos of forever, the unity of all being.

    If you have pain in the heart chakra because of tension, sit and release it. Take time out from whatever you are doing. Your real work now is the release of that energy. Stop whatever else is happening in your life, stop and go into your heart's constriction. Talk to it. Discover what it is trying to teach you. Ask it, " What part of me are you? What shall I understand, how shall I be?"
    Listen well, for the heart chakra is a great teacher. When you understand why the heart is binding, move through it to the flow of spring green, the buds on the tree, the rebirth of Easter and April, the coming back again of the light and the blossom. In its flowering, your potential for love opens within like a rose. That blooming is the very evolutionary step for which you yearn. It turns the wheel, the eternal snake Ouroboros with its tail ever in its mouth, into a spiral. The spiral, icon in all parts of the world for spiritual progress, is engraved on ancient walls from New Mexico to Ireland to China.

Honor your heart as it measures time and the growth of compassion.

    As the Mobius strip turns we go up the chakras to the throat, the lips, the mouth, our center of communication. Blue as the clearest lake, this axis helps us to reach out to each other. We can communicate, of course, by touch and telepathy, but words form a beautiful and elegant complexity. While ants communicate through chemicals, touching each other's antennas, dolphins and whales through sonar sounds, many mammals with limited series of noises, humans have developed the sophisticated miracle and intricacy of words. The throat chakra absorbs energy from the exploding stir of new life in the sexual chakra, from the basic potency field of the hara, from the solar plexus where the energy becomes light radiating throughout the universe of you, from the heart which is the heart of love beyond love. Now that mysterious love energy goes to the throat where it is translated into patterns that create waves in the air, waves of music and words which weave an enchantment of human life.
    Our throat is also the highway of nourishment. Through it food transforms itself into cell and movement. Through it passes the breath, the spirit, that gives life to our beingness on all planes. Without breath, we no longer exist in the physical body. It is the basic food of our existence. Just as sunlight is transformed through the magic of photosynthesis into nourishment for plants, so oxygen vitalizes our entire body. It travels the labyrinth of veins to feed each individual cell.

We celebrate our throat chakra in the faith that as it opens, our words will express the highest awareness, helpfulness and empathy for all things and beings. As you breath in, be conscious that the air which miraculously sustains you  now is the same air breathed by dinosaurs and sages, poets, mothers, dolphins, grasses, insects and all other breathing beings since time began. Honor it.

    Now take the third finger of your right hand and make a small circle just above and in between your eyebrows. Feel the soft pressure of your finger on the skin, and then close your eyes a moment, tracing the movement from the inside of your forehead. This gland, whose original purpose is unknown, is shaped like a pearl and gleams within your skull; it may well be the key that can take you beyond duality, beyond the ideas of good and bad, love and fear. In that place sits your observer, the part of you that watches without judgment. This is the third eye that perceives life as leela, a play, a poem, a video script. This is the third eye, the all-seeing eye, the non-dual eye, the non-judgmental eye. A violet light gleams from it. That light travels through the chit-chat, the eternal sounds, the marvelous odd concepts that our monkey-mind brain continually creates. As this chakra opens more and more, it enhances our lives by allowing us to experience psychic phenomenon beyond the material planes. We become privileged to see and understand that spiritual and magic exist even within the mundane. In our Third Eye we are The Fool on the Hill; here lives our own internal and eternal guru.

We learn to listen to it; we honor it, knowing that some day we will surrender to its all embracing knowledge and that what exists in that "someday" actually exists for us now if only we would acknowledge it.

    The violet light absorbs the brilliance of the red, the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue and travels up. At the top of our head it becomes a deep purple. This is the lotus chakra, the crown of creation. There are sutures in the top of our head that are open at birth. Within them lies soft, vulnerable flesh beating with a pulse that marks the growing life of the infant. As the baby starts to mature, as the soul seats itself firmly in the miracle of body, the skull gradually reaches out to close over the vulnerable flesh. At death it is said that the soul leaves through those very sutures. The Tibetan Buddhists tell us to visualize a goddess or god seated at the top of our head, totally putting our consciousness in them if only for a moment or two a day. At the moment of death, they tell us, we will then be able to knowingly push our awareness up through the deep purple of the lotus chakra, out of the dying body altogether and into that magical consciousness that I call the rainbow chakra.

    When the lotus chakra opens, you experience satori, nirvana, Christ-consciousness. Yogis may sit cross-legged in a cave for eons meditating on the emptiness of life, pagans may jump over fires on Midsummer's night eve and fertilize the fields with their lovemaking, Christians may kneel in penitence on the hard stone floors of the cathedrals of Europe weeping or giving thanks in prayer and petition, students of Zen Buddhism may puzzle endlessly over the meaning of Zen koans, hippies and shamans may blast themselves through the maze of confusion and illusion with psychedelics but this Great Awakening is the summation, the grand initiation. The opening of this chakra is an aim of all spiritual paths. Through it you will ascend as a fountain of energy reaching yet higher for planes beyond consciousness, words or concept.
    This is the rose, the mystic union. Once having experienced it, true compassion becomes possible. Once true compassion becomes possible, true action follows.

Whether, as the Buddhists and Hindus do, you desire to transcend forever the world of the lower chakras, or whether you knowingly bring the consciousness of "the white radiance of eternity" back down to Malkuth, Mother Earth, living your extraordinary ordinary life, honor the thousand petal lotus. In the honoring, petition all gods and goddesses, all spirits of whatever cosmologies to help us all to know that mystic space which exists beyond love.

For above all form is the rainbow chakra a strobe light flicker of molecules always in movement. Beyond your physical body, surrounding you in an incredible aura, this rainbow is a waterfall of multi-dimensional light . It flows magically from above you; it envelops you and bathes you in its transcendental beauty. It is the fundamental motion of matter before taking form; it is the river which underlies and sustains all things, all life, all beings. The more you are cognizant of its existence, the more you integrate it into your consciousness, the more you turn to it for sustenance and advice, the richer your life becomes.

All honor and praise to You, the Being, the Tao, God, what ever name you choose to call this miracle. We are holograms of It, cells of its body, each cell somehow containing the information of the whole. The rainbow of the chakra system that lies within our individual bodies reflects the glorious rainbow of primal creative energy. Through us, It experiences the infinite variety of life. Given what the Christians call the gift of grace, we may touch for a moment the bliss that lies outside of our manifest reality and know ourselves and It as One and yet inexplicably many. Ascending and descending through the chakras, in continual movement, continual change, spirit and flesh meet each other in a sacred moment beyond love.