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I look at the books that I should want to read
about gnostics and mystics and doing good deeds
and vibrational health and losing my greed.
But the cosmos in my garden is going to seed.

I grieve for the things that I may never know
that are all written wisely to help me to grow:
the words of the prophets could undo my woe
if only the marigolds wouldn't self sow.

There's sickly snapdragons all going to rust
the aphids make love with aphidian lust;
the cucumber's wilted, the soil has a crust
so the books of the sages are covered with dust.

Oh, here's to the tomes that I never will read,
may their knowledge fall into my head and take seed;
help me stretch to enlightenment some other way
for my garden is calling me outside to play.

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